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Our research group in mathematical analysis, modeling and computation focus on a broad range of nonlinear and differential equations that arise in physical and engineering applications. The analysis of these equations lies on the current frontier of mathematical and computational research, and it also plays an important role in the numerous areas of physics, engineering, and in the high technology sector.

Our expertise covers the fields of Hamiltonian partial differential equations, dynamical systems, spectral theory, fluid dynamics, stability or nonlinear waves, optimization and control, and numerical methods. In addition to questions of interest to mathematicians, we address applications to fiber optics communications, nonlinear photonic crystals, Bose-Einstein condensates, superconductivity, flow control, turbulence, vortex dynamics, inflationary cosmology, physical photochemistry, numerical weather prediction, and physical oceanography. We hold collaborative interdisciplinary research with our research counterparts in physics and engineering departments.

Our research group constitutes the Applied and Industrial Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Laboratory, within the Department of Mathematics, McMaster University.


August, 2004
Leadership Support Initiative Grant

AIMS Laboratory members Walter Craig, Nicholas Kevlahan, Dmitry Pelinovsky and Agnes Tourin have been awarded a NSERC - Leadership Support Initiative grant, jointly with a group in the Mathematics Department of the University of Toronto. This is a four year special award which will support graduate students and postdoctoral fellows doing research on partial differential equations and their applications. The competition for this one-time grant program was very high, with only seven awards throughout Canada.

June, 2004
Premierís Research Excellence Award

Dr. Dmitry Pelinovsky has won the PREA award for 2004. This prize, worth $100,000 over 5 years, is awarded to young researchers in Ontario. There were only 3 out of 18 applications awarded during the 2004 PREA competition.

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